Find out what visitors have been saying about Yannick’s Art Deco tours.

‘I recently took a walk around the West End in the company of Yannick Pucci, a celebrated London architectural guide and Art Deco buff. He manages to be both erudite and concise, describing in a few words the key features of the style he is outlining and its historical context.’

‘Yannick’s tour is a wonderful combination of factual information, along with interesting anecdotes about the people who built, worked in and/or lived in the various buildings along the route. I was impressed with how much I learned about the architecture of the area in just over 2 hours.’

‘Though the tour is indisputably well-researched, carefully planned and informative, its most pleasing aspect is that the buildings on this tour are not the most-recognised examples of London Art Deco. Instead, Yannick has chosen to include buildings that would otherwise be overlooked and forgotten.’

‘I was pleasantly surprised that the walk covers both iconic structures and hidden gems of Art Deco architecture. There’s a good mix on offer and Yannick is always willing to answer questions from attendees, I can’t recommend it highly enough.’

‘Once again Yannick inspired me to take a better look. […] We were a small group of curious folks who enjoyed being expertly led around the Strand. I really enjoyed the mix of iconic buildings together with some more hidden gems I had never seen before, all the while admiring the Art Deco signatures. Yannick is very happy to answer any questions and is eager for people to participate if they wish.’

‘Yannick’s Strand walking tour is excellent and highly recommended. I worked in this area for three years and I was astonished by the amount of information I learned on the tour. As with all of Yannick’s walks, the tour is really well researched and you get to learn not only about Art Deco but also about the history of the buildings before they took their present form.’

‘My walking tour guide Yannick takes me to Art Deco buildings I’ve never noticed before. Bloomsbury suddenly seems at the forefront of modernity. […] Any occasion to slow down and appreciate your city in a new light is a joyous one. And Yannick’s tours are a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how we once lived and want to live now.’

‘Yannick is an expat from Luxembourg but knows London inside and out. He is passionate about history and culture, architecture and food, but mostly he’s passionate about people and sharing London with them.’

‘I have now been treated to three different Art Deco tours – walking the fascinating streets of Bloomsbury, striding through the Strand and most recently a journey through the West End. I’ve lived in London for nearly a decade now, and Yannick still manages to find details that surprise me.’

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